Our ceasing voice - steadied stars in the morphium sky

On returning to the village after the apparition, Marija sees the Virgin again, in tears, near a cross with rainbow colors:
"Peace, Peace, Peace! Be reconciled! Only Peace. Make your peace with God and among yourselves. For that, it is necessary to believe, to pray, to fast, and to go to confession."

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Two competing visions of corporate personality influenced the Court’s nineteenth century decisions,*15 and to some degree still underlie modern opinions. The first and most traditional notion was the “artificial entity” theory viewing the corporation as nothing more than an artificial creature of the state, subject to government imposed limitations and restrictions.*16 This theory had its origins in English corporation law,*17 and in antebellum legislatures’ practice of considering incorporation a special privilege, awarded by the state for the pursuit of public purposes.*18 Under this view, corporations cannot assert constitutional rights against the state, their creator.*19

Books used by the Hesychast include the Philokalia , a collection of texts on prayer and solitary mental ascesis written from the 4th to the 15th centuries, which exists in a number of independent redactions; the Ladder of Divine Ascent ; the collected works of St Symeon the New Theologian (949–1022); and the works of St Isaac the Syrian (7th century), as they were selected and translated into Greek at the Monastery of St Savas near Jerusalem about the 10th century.

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When you’re worried about what others think, it’s hard to be decisive. Even the simplest of decisions can take weeks of agonizing contemplation -- meanwhile there’s no forward progress. I try to follow the mantra, "Make decisions quickly but be slow to change your mind." This way, I’ll be more likely to start more journeys, and be less likely to quit.

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My intentions first and foremost was to celebrate the Eucharist which is the source and summit of our community’s Christian life. This Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was also in appreciation of Fr Tim Hannon’s 50th Anniversary of his Priestly Ordination and to mark my own departure from the parishes I have happily served over the past three years.

Jesus Christ is the Soul Shepherd and we assist in his ministry to pastors, pastors’ spouses, and other ministry leaders: See what we offer .

Our Ceasing Voice - Steadied Stars In The Morphium SkyOur Ceasing Voice - Steadied Stars In The Morphium SkyOur Ceasing Voice - Steadied Stars In The Morphium SkyOur Ceasing Voice - Steadied Stars In The Morphium Sky